Zed Run HQ

ZED RUN is a horse racing game on the blockchain that maintains a digital HQ in Decentraland. Visit their HQ and claim your free RED RUN t-shirt wearable. Check out their website or their Getting started guide to learn all about ZED RUN.

The Candyjar

What’s at the end of the rainbow? Yes – free candy! You know what’s even sweeter? It’s a free Candy NFT for all Decentraland users. Please don’t get greedy. We really mean it! Unnamed sources told us all about the project roots and their motivation. The inception is heavily inspired by an incident that occurred… Continue reading The Candyjar

Federated Reserve

Find your coins daily to make a wish at the fountain. You can mint the wishes on the Matic network to keep them permanently on the blockchain. Check them out on opensea.io “FederatedReserveWish”