Slashmas Warrior

Observant Tensai Studio game players might already know this place. The gist of the game: free Santa from the evil Goblins that kidnapped him. A really clever little strategy game within Decentraland. Potions, armor, leveling up, slashing. All the right ingredients.

Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain was a fun little challenge at -32,48 that has since disappeared. Watch Synthia Nominae’s walthrough to relive the experience.

Domino’s Pizza booth

On March 13th, 2021 the first ever pizza order with real-world delivery took place. It was a fun event but you had to be there to enjoy it. Currently the Domino’s booth is not available at the original in-world location at -138,116. Credit to Lastraum who created the booth and used publicly available code to… Continue reading Domino’s Pizza booth