The Candyjar

What’s at the end of the rainbow? Yes – free candy! You know what’s even sweeter? It’s a free Candy NFT for all Decentraland users.

Please don’t get greedy.

We really mean it!

Unnamed sources told us all about the project roots and their motivation. The inception is heavily inspired by an incident that occurred just a few days before the 2021 Decentraland Pride event. Let’s just say a Metaverse “influencer” decided to overfish the metaphorical pond and to derive the MetaZoo community of hundreds of glorious wearable items. Luckily the loot found its way to earnest recipients in the end, but the social damage was done.

The Candy Jar really is a social experiment that hashes your decision into the blockchain forever. As the inviting candy jar message states one candy was made for each Decentraland user. So if you took two or more it would mean that caused someone else to loose out on a sweet surprise.

Currently 96% of candies are of morally suspect origin. Only shimmer of light is that most of those candies were minted by single individuals that seem to have made it their mission to empty the jar.

If you took more than one candy in error we sadly were not able to find information on how to redeem yourself and thus avoid your guaranteed place in candy hell. Might you eternally bathe in hot liquid candy syrup. Please save a spot for this author right next to you.

Some technical details

At the time of this writing shows us that there are 19.728 CANDY but only 1.068 holders.

There are two types of candies – sweet & sour

If you click on a single candy it is worth checking out its properties.

Each first candy a person took is the sweet kind. The rest are of the sour variety.

Free Candy is a token on the polygon blockchain. You can take a look at the raw transaction stats at

With utility being all the rage we are looking forward to seeing first cases of un-utility attached to bad actors in Decentraland.

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