In a nutshell

Currently our main focus is to soon allow all Decentraland users to interact with our curated content and to contribute their own content more directly.

We differentiate between two content platforms:

  • curated content, which can be found at, and is created by our contributors
  • user contributed content, which can be generated and viewed at in the future, which will – to some extent – also be featured on

Our plan is to find a good balance of keeping content quality very high on DCS but also to heavily feature user contributed content. Learn more about our motivation on our about page.

Like what we are doing? Join as contributor or supporter

We are always looking for like-minded people that help us grow our platform. Join us on our Discord server and let’s have a chat about your ideas to make Decentraspots a great place for Decentraland newbies and veterans. And don’t worry… we love all kinds of developers (especially web3), but there are so many other things to do as well: regularly scout and publish awesome content, maintain our twitter profile and blog, help us grow our own community, or just spreading the word one conversation at a time.