An upcoming Decentraland YouTuber creating awesome Decentraland Stories. Interviewing other Decentraland creators the video compositions in themselves are a work of art. Also offering his services in form of a content agency specialized in Decentraland at

Tensai Studio

Tensai Studio contributes really great puzzle and mini games to the metaverse. Check out their Tensai Studio Puzzle Lab and Slashmas Warrior.

Hi I’m Bob

Check out Bob chillin in Decentraland and doing awesome pixel art. Live on Twitch and on YouTube too.

Joe Schmoe

Joe is always looking for gems at Decentraland and delivering. Check out his reviews!

Synthia Nominae

Synthia Nominae has a ton of great videos showing awesome places in Decantraland. She owns her own castle in Decentraland too: She also has a Twitch account:


Discovering interesting Decentraland places with Raevyn. If we were you we definitely would subscribe her awesome YouTube channel. It’s simply that great. ♥

Kevin on Earth

Also don’t forget to check out the Twitch channel: If you ever will watch just one video then please make it this one: Learn more about KevinOnEarth from YouMack: