BigMouth is a wearable creator and NFT artist. He started the Sharp Mouth community that tries to be a place where fellow creators and artists can connect and exchange ideas.


A seriously multi-talented contributor in Decentraland: gifted musician, awesome event host, wearable creator, builder & developer and so much more. Highly recommend chicking out Category 5 Club to see C5’s latest creations and great artwork,


Very talented artist with a strong bond to Japanese influences. Too much artwork and too many awesome wearables to list individually. If you are visiting Decentraland you most likely have seen some of HirotoKai’s incredible creations.


Sango – doing 3D work – and iZoo – coding and dev work – are the dream team behind MetaZoo International. They simply do it all: awesome location, doing a ton of community building, hosting great events, dropping stunning wearable collections, featuring exceptional artists of all varieties. Check up on for one of their… Continue reading MetaZoo


DappCraft are a full-cycle production studio creating experiences for metaverses. Their stack: smart-contracts, 3D wearables, 3D scenes, games, events. Also check out their own YouTube channel: