Andrew Mease is a self-trained photographer that spends most of his free time researching and exploring the incredible outdoor opportunities that Florida has to offer. His main interest is wildlife photography, which involves researching specific animals habits, locations, and selecting the desired angle with available light. His goal is to have his own gallery with… Continue reading Mease


Very talented artist with a strong bond to Japanese influences. Too much artwork and too many awesome wearables to list individually. If you are visiting Decentraland you most likely have seen some of HirotoKai’s incredible creations.


Awesome creator with many great builds under the belt. Check out these fantastic creations.


Artist that likes shiny things. NFT @xetalatex on all platforms & Xeta on Decentraland

BB Studios

BB Studios is a NFT art guild and Web3 services provider. They promote a range of NFT artists (music, fashion designers, artists and “regular” art NFTs). In their Decentraland gallery you can see featured artists and you can join their Artist Hour live casts every Monday at 6pm ET on TokenSmart Discord. Just jump in… Continue reading BB Studios