Artist that likes shiny things. NFT @xetalatex on all platforms & Xeta on Decentraland

Polygonal Mind

Polygonal Mind is a creative development studio specialized in video games, virtual reality and blockchain projects. Check out their awesome Decentraland projects and Decentraland portfolio.


DappCraft are a full-cycle production studio creating experiences for metaverses. Their stack: smart-contracts, 3D wearables, 3D scenes, games, events. Also check out their own YouTube channel:

Tensai Studio

Tensai Studio contributes really great puzzle and mini games to the metaverse. Check out their Tensai Studio Puzzle Lab and Slashmas Warrior.

Hi I’m Bob

Check out Bob chillin in Decentraland and doing awesome pixel art. Live on Twitch and on YouTube too.

Joe Schmoe

Joe is always looking for gems at Decentraland and delivering. Check out his reviews!


Infamous developer known for the in-world Domino’s Pizza kiosk. Make sure to check out Lastraum’s Last Slice NFT at opensea.io for a taste of some smart item magic. Full video tour thanks to Synthia Nominae


YouMack contributes to the AltCoinRadio Blog and writes about hot Decentraland topics.

BB Studios

BB Studios is a NFT art guild and Web3 services provider. They promote a range of NFT artists (music, fashion designers, artists and “regular” art NFTs). In their Decentraland gallery you can see featured artists and you can join their Artist Hour live casts every Monday at 6pm ET on TokenSmart Discord. Just jump in… Continue reading BB Studios