Voxters are box shaped creatures from a metaverse dimension. They are featured in many games and events in Decentraland. You can always find them at Mana-fever game & Pirate-fever. There is also a promotional area right next to Wondermine. You can get Voxter NFTs on cargo and opensea. You can find a wearable Voxter head… Continue reading Voxters

The WonderQuest

The WonderQuest is an immersive exploration of Alison Wonderland’s virtual world of dragons and black magic. It starts with a generative NFT project of ten thousand splendorous eggs, each containing that most rare and dangerous of creatures; a dragon. You can hatch your eggs to reveal your dragon’s unique traits, or collect them in their… Continue reading The WonderQuest


The MetaKey is a real utility powerhouse, yet the team behind it puts a lot of effort into making it an attractive collectible as well. One really exciting aspect is that MetaKey provides perks in multiple Metaverses. Check out their amazing explainer video: MetaKey provides a myriad of perks in several broad categories: Courses &… Continue reading MetaKey

Community Kudos

The idea of Community Kudos was born by our contributors. It is centered around a simple gesture that is meant to bring joy to everyone involved. We are trying to inspire an ever-growing community of like-minded people to participate and spread the gesture. Community Kudos are tokens of appreciation Recipients of this NFT are encouraged… Continue reading Community Kudos

Apes 3D

Apes 3D are Limited Unique 3D Model Characters Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every single NFT contains an downloadable asset pack of files (OBJ, MTL and PNG – VR-Compatible) That can be imported into almost any 3D modeling and animation software. You can also convert the Apes 3D NFT Files in GLBB and GLTB to… Continue reading Apes 3D

Lastraum’s Last Slice Collective

The Last Slice Collective is a grass roots development community focused on building engaging content in Decentraland. It fosters learning and growth for all of its members while delivering projects for interested parties in the metaverse. Join their Discord Server to talk about their latest scenes and builds, or if you want to learn from… Continue reading Lastraum’s Last Slice Collective