Lastraum’s Last Slice Collective

The Last Slice Collective is a grass roots development community focused on building engaging content in Decentraland. It fosters learning and growth for all of its members while delivering projects for interested parties in the metaverse.

Join their Discord Server to talk about their latest scenes and builds, or if you want to learn from experienced Decentraland builders.

The Last Slice NFT is your digital members card right on the blockchain.
It’s not only proof of your Last Slice community membership but gives you access to many exclusive perks.

Some of our contributors are also part of this awesome community. Our Decentraland selfie maker is an implementation based off ideas of the Last Slice community.

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Contributed by 0xFriend

Love Decentraland and it's community. Trying to contribute by making awesome places, creators and regular events more accessible to anyone interested in Decentraland.

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