Community Kudos

The idea of Community Kudos was born by our contributors. It is centered around a simple gesture that is meant to bring joy to everyone involved. We are trying to inspire an ever-growing community of like-minded people to participate and spread the gesture.

Community Kudos are tokens of appreciation

Recipients of this NFT are encouraged to take a moment to enjoy the gift and later pass it on to a peer they really appreciate.

Community Kudos are travelling tokens that are meant to be passed on from one holder to another.

Previous holders can always follow their tokens journey on the blockchain.

How to receive Community Kudos?

Community Kudos are given out by their holders to show appreciation to the recipient. This initiative is growing organically and not meant to explode exponentially. We simply love the gesture and want to inspire the community.

If you want to join our initiative and share our gesture please send us a tweet at @decentraspots and PM us your wallet address. We try our best to quickly send you your NFT that you can then send on its journey with a friend or a person you appreciate.

Are you a talented artist?

We are always looking for talent to mint new coins. Are you a talented artist, do you have artist recommendations? Give us a hint and we’ll gladly expand our coin portfolio.

The process is simple:

  • We receive a circular graphic design and create the 3D model of the coin
  • We add the new coin design to our Opensea “Community Kudos” collection with a supply of 100 single coins
  • We transfer all 100 coins to the original art creator or a designated holder of their choosing
  • The new owner gives Kudos to members they appreciate

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Love Decentraland and it's community. Trying to contribute by making awesome places, creators and regular events more accessible to anyone interested in Decentraland.

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