About Decentraspots

Our motivation

Decentraspots.org is a website that helps new and veteran users discover the best spots, creators, communities and recurring events in Decentraland.

It is an unofficial Decentraland community project run by voluntary contributors:

  • We want to make it easier for new users to discover the Decentraland Metaverse and to see the Decentraland community grow in general.
  • We deeply care about growing our platform by bringing people together that really want to support the Decentraland community.
  • This is a pure community project that we don’t want to get tainted by financial motives.
  • We see a chance to apply DAO ideas and grow into a decentralized organisation in the future.

Find out where we are headed in our roadmap.


Like what we are doing? Join as contributor or supporter

We are always looking for like-minded people that help us grow our platform. Join us on our Discord server and let’s have a chat about your ideas to make Decentraspots a great place for Decentraland newbies and veterans. And don’t worry… we love all kinds of developers (especially web3), but there are so many other things to do as well: regularly scout and publish awesome content, maintain our twitter profile and blog, help us grow our own community, or just spreading the word one conversation at a time.