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Decentraland can be an awesome, yet overwhelming place- especially if you are new to the world. But fear not – the place is full of awesome people that want to welcome you into the world.

This website is a curated list of the best spots on Decentraland, the finest creators that use their talents to advance the world, and regular events held in Decentraland.

We also want to give the Decentraland community their own voice. That’s why we have created our own community portal where users can promote their own profiles.

Community profiles

Profiles and reviews on decentraspots.org are exclusively curated by our contributors that are listed on our about page.

All Decentraland users are invited to promote their own profiles on our community portal.

If you are a creator featured in our creator catalog hit us up on Discord or Twitter to embed your self-managed Decentraspots community profile with your curated profile.

Both the curated catalog and our community portal are projects by and for the general Decentraland community. We are always looking for companions that help us in our mission to give back and foster the ecosystem. Hop into our Discord server to connect and talk about your ideas.

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